About Us


The Foundation of Sea Studies (FEMAR – Fundação de Estudos do Mar) was created on May 31st, 1966, under the initiative of Admiral José Santos de Saldanha de Gama, former President of the Brazilian Navy Clube, aiming to study the problems related to ports, navigation, shipbuilding, fishing and other relevant legislation, in order to contribute to the formation of the Brazilian Maritime Doctrine creation stablishing the national maritime mentality.

The Institution

FEMAR is a private, non-profit institution enriched with patrimonial, administrative and financial autonomy, governed by its own statute, internal regulation and other legal taxes. The Institution develops activities under the supervision of the Rio de Janeiro State Prosecutor’s Office.

Support Foundation

As a result of its origins and the frequent participation in Brazilian Navy – MB (Marinha do Brasil) projects of interest, FEMAR was officially recognized, in 2011, through the Joint Ordinance MEC / MCTI, 09 of 04/26/2011, as a Support Foundation for the Navy Technological Innovation Center (NIT MB). This condition allows the Foundation to act on CT&I Projects in partnership with the Navy Science and Technology Institutions (ICT MB), under the benefits of Law n° 8.958 / 94.

Our Mission

Develop, support and provide specialized services in the areas of Education, Research, Extension and Technological Innovation focused on the production and diffusion of the sea knowledge.

Application Fields

• Promote courses, seminars, congresses and activities related to research, development and technological innovation and also the training, specialization and improvement of qualified personnel for the execution of public and private projects proposed for maritime activities;

• Sponsor studies, research and publications aiming directly or indirectly to promote the development and diffusion of educational, cultural, scientific and technological knowledge inherent to maritime activities;

• Sign agreements and contracts with other, public or private, national or foreign, institutions for the execution of plans, programs and projects related to its activities as well as for receiving or providing technical assistance related to their purposes;

• Support and promote projects such as: teaching, selection and basic-professional training, research and extension; cultural and scientific; along with institutional developments and technological innovations. All of them related to the Brazilian Navy, the Merchant Navy or any other entity which aims attention at the development and improvement of educational, scientific and technological researches related to the sea and associated things;

• Award scholarships for research and extension to the staff of the institutions supported and involved in the execution of cultural, teaching, research and extension projects; such projects related to institutional, scientific and technological innovation developments; and

• To raise funds, from tax breaks, to promote education, culture, research, information technology, automation and innovation, as well as those destined to developments that use local technologies.

Developed Activities

Constituted by three action areas; Education, Research and Extension; the following activities can be highlighted:


• Maritime Professional Education:
FEMAR, since 1994, for being officially recognized by the Brazilian Port Authority (Diretoria de Portos e Costas da Marinha do Brasil-DPC), gives training courses in Professional Maritime Education-EPM at several Brazilian cities.

• Professional Seafarer Development Program:
Since 2012, in partnership with public and private institutions, FEMAR has been offering Professional Development Training Programs for seafarers, in accordance with STCW (International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers), on this way contributing to the best maritime professional qualification.

• Courses on Related Activities:
Since 1994, the Foundation has given several courses related to non-boarding personnel, employees of Shipping Agencies / Companies and Port Operators.

• General Courses:
FEMAR gives free courses in the areas of Transport and Maritime Trade, Management Development and Environment. Our catalog consists of more than 80 different courses and with their respective program summary.

• High School Technical Education
The Technical School of Marine Studies – ETEMAR (Escola Técnica de Estudos do Mar), created in 2014 linked to the organizational structure of FEMAR, is administered with pedagogical autonomy.

ETEMAR is officially recognized by the Rio de Janeiro Department of Education – SEEDUC (Secretaria Estadual de Educação) to teach technical courses in the areas of sea transportation, harbors and foreign trade, including the concurrent and articulated combinations to the Rio de Janeiro state public high school.

To access a detailed list of these courses, visit our website www.fundacaofemar.org.br.
Integrated Teaching Management System
The courses given by FEMAR and ETEMAR are managed through an Integrated Teaching Management System – SIGE (Sistema Integrado de Gestão de Ensino), with access to the profiles of administrators, teachers and students, thus allowing greater efficiency and transparency in the teaching-learning process.

Maritime Simulators Center
FEMAR has a Maritime Simulator Center – CSM (Centro de Simuladores Marltimos), with instructional resources of the Computer Based Training-CBT type, which allows instructors to carry out, in addition to theoretical classes, practical training on various techniques for driving machine installations, maneuvering vessels, rescue and rescue operations and maritime trade. The CSM is composed of a Machinery Simulator, a Nautical Simulator and a Commercial Operations Simulator that can develop competencies provided for in the International Convention on Instruction Standards in accordance with the STCW.

FEMAR has been operating for more than a decade in Research and Extension Projects, mainly in partnership with MB, carrying out the following activities:

• Provision of Service, with highly skilled labor, in the areas of knowledge related to the maritime environment;

• Acquisition of imported inputs for research projects with the benefits of Law n° 8.010 / 91 (Exemption from Import Tax), according to accreditation obtained from CNPq; and

• Acting as an administrative-financial manager (intervening) of resources from Promotion Entities (FINEP, CNPq, PETROBRAS, TRANSPETRO and others) for application in Research, Development and Extension Projects.

• Acting as an administrative-financial manager (intervening) of resources from Promotion Entities (FINEP, CNPq, PETROBRAS, TRANSPETRO and others) for application in Research, Development and Extension Projects.

Service to The Project Coordinator
In the management of Research and Extension partnerships, FEMAR provides Project Managers with the “Coordinator” module of its RATIONALIS Corporate System, which allows the monitoring, via INTERNET, of all stages of project execution such as: acquisition of materials and services, hiring professionals, purchasing tickets, and issuing financial reports.

FEMAR, with the objective of promoting the well-being of the local population, has voluntarily established the PGF (FEMAR Free Program) and PROEMAR (School at Sea Project).
The PGF offers, annually, to the general public, free courses which are listed at www.fundacaofemar.org.br.

PROEMAR provides cultural visits to develop knowledge and spread the importance of the sea to elementary and high public-school students from the state of Rio de Janeiro.
“This foundation, the legacy it receives from our Founder, was born from the idea of bringing together seafarers and people who live for the sea, with the aim of waking up Brazil and incurring the dominant elites and citizens, a permanent and profound conviction that Brazil is not feasible without the sea.” Admiral Paulo de Castro Moreira da Silva, FEMAR President – 1968 to 1983

FUNDAÇÃO DE ESTUDOS DO MAR – ADDRESS: Rua Marquês de Olinda, 18 – Botafogo – Rio de Janeiro Telephone: (21) 3237-9500 www.fundacaofemar.org.br.